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Oldest Tamil Organisation in Singapore

Singai Tamil Sangam

The organization was registered by the name ‘Tamils Reform Association’ in 1922, headed by respected Mr. G. Sarangapany.

The organization was renamed to “Singai Tamil Sangam” to focus on building a strong and vibrant Tamil community who continue to speak and appreciate Tamizh, while equipped with bilingual skills


Volunteers In 2020


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Let us embrace our identity as Singapore Tamil People!

Join in our organisation to play a part in it and for our people

Enriching experience for our members

Embracing our Tamil language and culutre

Being part of a friendly Tamil community can provide you with more opportunities to learn more about the language, connect with similar-minded people, be exposed to more Tamil events going on around Singapore and even help with making connections with resourceful, helpful Tamil people


Your donation will be used as funding for Tamil events, programmes and donation drives conducted by Singai Tamil Sangam


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